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Kuching Sentral to open in March, 2012

TRANSIT took note of interesting information about the opening of Kuching Sentral, a bus terminal located at 6th mile, Jalan Penrissen, a short distance from Kuching Airport and the old Sarawak Government Railway Corridor. The terminal was supposed to open in December 2010 but the projected open date is now March 2012.

Kuching Sentral a new hub for public transport (The Borneo Post)

12 January 2012
by Peter Sibon, reporters@theborneopost.com

PROJECT INSPECTION: Syed Hamid (centre) touring Kuching Sentral with Ghazali (right) and Hasbi Habibollah (left), chairman of the state Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board (CVLB). — Photo by Jeffery Mostapa. Image courtesy of The Borneo Post.

KUCHING: The RM100-million Regional Bus Terminal known as Kuching Sentral located at Mile 6, Jalan Penrissen will provide a new dimension for public transport services in the state, said the chairman of Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar. Continue reading Kuching Sentral to open in March, 2012

BRT in Kuching developing a name & face?

For some time, TRANSIT has been following proposals for a bus rapid transit (BRT) system in Kuching.

The early proposal for a BRT system was called the Kuching City Area Transit (CAT, of course) and would have had a number of lines running through the Kuching town area as well as to the north side of the river. The proposals for Kuching CAT seemed to emphasize loops around different parts of Kuching City.

The original route map proposal for Kuching CAT.

Click here for a larger version of the image above.

The most recent proposal is to have a Kuching BRT system that focuses on service on major road corridors. Rather than loops, this proposal focuses on building up demand in certain corridors.

Both proposals have been given strong support by Sarawak Urban Development Minister Abang Johari Openg, who has been wondering why it is taking so long to get approval from the federal government for a project that only costs RM200 million.

The bus rapid transit proposal also received support from a recent summit on public transport for Kuching. You can see TRANSIT’s comments here, which we will also re-iterate below.

Most recently, TRANSIT has noted an image posted in a forum on Kuching Public Transport that shows a “Kuching Transit” bus service. Is it official or someone’s fantasy drawing? We don’t know yet…. Continue reading BRT in Kuching developing a name & face?

No SCORE: Sarawak Minister suggests that the proposed Miri-Bintulu rail corridor may become a white elephant

TRANSIT took note of this article from the Borneo Post, in which Sarawak’s Infrastructure Development & Communications Minister comments unfavourably about the proposed Miri-Bintulu railway corridor, which is part of the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE).

The feasibility of the railway link is being examined as part of the organized development which is to benefit the economy of Sarawak.

‘Railway system not viable as public transport in state’ (Borneo Post)
June 28, 2011

INFRASTRUCTURE Development and Communications Minister Dato Sri Michael Manyin Jawong has stated that it is not viable to construct a railway system for public transport usage in the state at the moment, due to the low population of Sarawak.

Although a study on Railway Development Master Plan for Central Region of Sarawak was in its final draft stage and scheduled to complete by August this year, Manyin (BN-Tebedu) added that the cost was too expensive even if the tracks were to be used for the transportation of goods. Continue reading No SCORE: Sarawak Minister suggests that the proposed Miri-Bintulu rail corridor may become a white elephant

Abang Jo is not happy with public transport & development planning. TRANSIT: Well, neither are we.

TRANSIT took note of this interesting set of articles detailing Amar Abang Johari Openg’s continued push to get a Bus Rapid Transit system built in Kuching.

Abang Jo, Satok Assemblyman and Minister of Housing and Urban Development … and possible successor to the Chief Minister of Sarawak, has been calling for the Federal Government to provide RM200 million in funding for Kuching’s proposed Bus Rapid Transit system for nearly 3 years. His most recent push was to hold a public transport conference in Kuching, inviting experts to state the obvious – that Kuching needs a better public transport system and that the Federal Government needs to support the funding.

One would think that a Federal Government that is ready to spend RM7 billion on the LRT extensions and perhaps RM50 billion on the Klang Valley MRT project could somehow find RM200 million (or even RM1bn) for Kuching, the 4th largest city in Malaysia.

On the other hand, Sarawak is the wealthiest state in the Federation of Malaysia – so perhaps one can wonder why a compromise cannot be reached, with both state and federal government investing in public transport.

Abang Jo: We are going the wrong way! (Borneo Post, 24 May 2011)

INTERACTION: Abang Johari (second right) and Abdul Wahab (right) greeting participants after opening Focus Result Delivery (FRD) Lab for Kuching Urban Public Transport session. Image courtesy of Borneo Post.

by Saiful Bahari

KUCHING: Building flyovers and widening roads would not solve traffic congestion problems. These approaches would, in fact, exacerbate the problem by inducing more traffic. Continue reading Abang Jo is not happy with public transport & development planning. TRANSIT: Well, neither are we.

Updates #73

Updates #73

1. Article: Integrated public transportation within a year: DPM (NST) – Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yasin took his trip on the Klang Valley public transport system and claimed that the public transport system can be integrated within a year.

Deputy PM Muhyiddin on an Ampang Line (STAR) LRT train. Beside him is a token OKU as well as the Minister of Transport Kong Cho Ha. Picture courtesy of NST.

Continue reading Updates #73

Updates #47

Updates #47

1. Letter: Deploy cops at train stations to deter pickpockets (The Star) – K.L. from Serdang comments on security issues on KTM at Serdang and KL Sentral stations.

2. Two articles about the Rawang bus terminal:

The sky-bridge connects the Rawang Bus Terminal to adjacent office lots. — Picture by P.C. Lim for Streets-NST

give different stories about the status of the new terminal. The terminal was completed 6 months ago but has yet to be opened because the CVLB permits direct all buses to use the old terminal (200m away) instead. However, the terminal should be open soon.

3. Article(s): Many newspapers covered the fire of a Metrobus on Jalan Silang, KL on 25 April. Instead of covering the articles, we will just share the photo with you.

Metrobus on fire on Jalan Silang near Kota Raya department store in Kuala Lumpur.

4. Articles: Council discussing possible routes for buses in Petaling Jaya (The Star) and MBPJ sets up Rapid PJ bus service (Malay Mail) both discuss a plan for additional local bus route service in Petaling Jaya.

[TRANSIT: We will follow up on this initiative by the MBPJ with more information in the near future.]

5. Article: No city tour for 40 tourists (The Star) – reports of touting and Van Sapu (illegal vans) led to this ‘sting’ operation on tourists who take “Van Sapu” from Penang Airport.

6. Article: Taxi drivers can help keep tourists safe (Star-Metro) – report on an initiative in Kuching to have taxi drivers become the ‘eyes and ear’ of the police.

7. Article: Most number of complaints against cabbies (The Star) – a summary of complaints to the CVLB shows that most complaints are against errant taxi drivers.

8. Article: Bullet trains not right for inner city (Malay Mail) – a response to a question about bullet trains in the current Senate sitting.

Kuching to get RM200 million transport hubs

TRANSIT takes note of this article commenting on plans to decentralize public transport in Kuching with a number of transport hubs.

Kuching to get RM200 million transport hubs (NST)

By Desmond Davidson

KUCHING: The transport network here will be decentralised through a series of “suburb hubs” to be built in key residential areas.

Housing and Urban Development Minister Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg said it would cost the state government RM200 million in the next five years to improve the woeful transport system here.

An allocation for the project has been set aside under the 10th Malaysia Plan.

Abang Johari, who had travelled extensively, said areas that had been identified for such hubs were the MJC in the north-eastern suburb of Kuching, Matang in the western suburb, Muara Tebas in the east, and Jalan Song in the north.

The central hub of the network, to be known as Kuching Central, will be sited on an area near the Kuching International Airport.

He added that these hubs would have an “efficient service” to connect them to the city centre.

Giving the Matang hub as an example, he pointed out that the hub there would service a network covering the coastal areas from Damai in Santubong to Telaga Air, Matang.

He said the sub-hub in Telaga Air would have a network of its own to cover the area right up to Rambungan, while the Rambungan hub would have a network that covered all areas in the southern end of the state, including the resort towns of Lundu and Sematan.

“When I was given the Urban Development portfolio in December, it was obvious the city’s transport system was poor,” he said after opening Universiti Malaysia Sarawak’s (Unimas) three-day engineering conference, “Encon 2010” here.

He said improving the transport system was now his focus and priority.

A developed transport system could spur the growth of new industries, especially the service-related industries, he added.

“With a good transport system, tourists can travel from one spot to another much faster, more conveniently and far cheaper.”

He said Kuching would serve as the test bed for any transport system that would be introduced in other major towns like Sibu, Miri and Bintulu.

“If the model put into place here is successful, then the same model will be used to improve the system in other major towns.”


We appreciate the efforts & dedication of Abang Jo towards improving the public transport system around Kuching and other parts of Sarawak in the future.

We want the system to be simple and informative and easy to access – which is why we support having a Local Public Transport Council that is responsible for planning, organizing and managing public transport services and communicating information about public transport to the public.

Our hope is that the “Hub & Spoke” system used in Kuching is more effective than the system that was introduced in the Klang Valley and in Penang – both of which eventually saw reduced numbers of hubs and more direct service – because governments were not interested in the complicated planning that is required to make the ‘hub & spoke’ system work.

And while we are happy to see that Abang Jo has not once mentioned “LRT”, we would like to know more about the plan for “Rapid Transit” connections (Kuching CAT?)between the hubs.

If there are no rapid transit connections between the hubs, the inconvenience of “transfer + wait” and the lack of information would drive many people away from public transport (as it happened in KL and Penang).

Updates #43

Updates #43

1. Article: Push for a bike friendly city goes on (The Star) – Information about a plan to make Penang more bicycle friendly. For more information you may also want to see http://www.pbb.com.my.

2. Article: Call to install partitions in taxis (Malay Mail) – Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department T. Murugiah calls for the installation of safety partitions in taxicabs to protect driver and passenger.

3. Letter: ‘No haggling’ sign is just for show (The Star) – @Victimized of Kuala Lumpur comments on his experiences with taxicabs in Puchong that bear the “No Haggling” sign.

[TRANSIT: We said it already, here. Join us and give us your feedback.]

4. Article: Panel for standard fares (The Star) – Information about a plan to standardize commercial vehicle tariffs between Sabah and Sarawak, with some information about the future of the CVLB in Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo.

5. Letter: Report cabbies who refuse to use the meter (The Star) – @Victimized of Kuala Lumpur points out that cabbies are becoming afraid of being reported.

6. Article: Water taxi services to be extended (The Star) or Developing river transportation in Kuching (Borneo Post) –
Kuching water taxi services may be extended to other communities if there is a demand. There is also mention of a water taxi design competition (more information here.)

7. Article: Govt contracts to be made public from Thursday onwards (Malay Mail) – also includes some statistics about public transport growth resulting from the Government Transformation Programme.

[TRANSIT: As happy as the government might be about RapidBET, we have to be realistic. If each bus has a capacity of 60 persons. There are 4 buses on each RapidBET route, and 4 routes in total, or 960 extra passengers in the morning and afternoon.

That is not exactly a huge number of people – it is the equivalent of 1 of the new 4-carriage trains.

Now, if RapidKL took back the Long-haul buses that they are using on the DTS Cyberjaya service (most of which travel empty and spend lots of time sitting at the Cyberjaya Transport Terminal) they could implement all-day RapidBET service and really move a lot more people.]

8. Letter: Trains are a better alternative (NST) – NORIZAN ABDUL RAHMAN of Penang calls for an improvement to intercity rail service, citing the cost advantages of rail which is half that of road transport.

9. Letter: Be practical and logical to improve public transport (The Star) – Pat Abraham of Kuala Lumpur comments on a recent letter about the role of the states in public transport and gives feedback about some of the small issues that annoy passengers.

[TRANSIT: Unfortunately, logic does not always apply when it comes to anything government-related. TRANSIT has heard many stories from people in the government & transport industry who are frustrated by the roadblocks that they have to face.]

Parliament: response to question on Kuching public transport

TRANSIT has been following the 3rd Session of the 12th Parliament for information relating to public transport.

This is a question related to Kuching, which was discussed in Parliament on 1 March 2010.


Tuan Chong Chieng Jen [Bandar Kuching] minta PERDANA MENTERI menyatakan berapakah peruntukan telah diagihkan oleh Kerajaan persekutuan untuk mengadakan sistem pengangkutan awam di Kuching, khususnya sistem bas umum. Bagaimana tentang prestasi sistem bas umum yang bari dilaksanakan kebelakangan ini.

Tuan Chong Chieng Jen [ Bandar Kuching ] to ask the PRIME MINISTER to state the amount allocated by the Federal Government for the public transport system in Kuching particularly the public bus system. State the performance [Expected? Achieved?] of the newly operated public bus system.


Tuan Yang Dipertua, Untuk makluman Ahli Yang Berhormat, di bawah Rancangan Malaysia Kesembilan (RMKe-9), Kerajaan Persekutuan telah memperuntukkan sejumlah RM19.67 juta bagi membiayai sistem pengangkutan awam di Sarawak. Walau bagaimanapun, peruntukan ini hanyalah untuk projek pengangkutan melalui sungai yang dikategorikan sebagai pengangkutan awam.

Peruntukan bagi pembangunan sistem pengangkutan awam darat khususnya bas untuk setiap negeri tidak disediakan di bawah RMKe-9. Kebanyakan pengusaha pengangkutan awam merupakan persendirian manakala infrastruktur asas seperti terminal bas dan perhentian bas dibina oleh pihak berkuasa tempatan (PBT).

Bagi menambahbaik mutu perkhidmatan pengangkutan awam di seluruh negara termasuk Sarawak, Kerajaan kini sdang menjalankan beberapa kajian bagi mengenalpasti punca dan masalah sistem pengangkutan awam di negara ini di samping mencari kaedah penyelesaian terbaik. Antaranya ialah Kajian Pelan Induk Pengangkutan Awam Bagi Bandar-bandar Utama di Malaysia dan Kajian Sarawak Inland Waterway Transport System.

Tuan Yang Dipertua, Lembaga Pelesenan Kenderaan Perdagangan (LPKP) Negeri Sarawak telah mengeluarkan sebanyak 40 Surat Tawaran kelulusan (STK) kepada syarikat City Public Link Bus Services dan usaha untuk meningkatkan mutu perkhidmatan pengangkutan awam di bandaraya Kuching terutamanya bas berhenti-henti.

Sebagai permulaan, City Public Link Bus Services Sdn Bhd telah memulakan operaso dengan 9 buah bas di lima laluan sekitar bandaraya Kuching dan ianya telah dilancarkan pada 16 Ogos 2009. Sehingga kini, jumlah bas City Public Link Bus Services Sdn Bhd yang beroperasi adalah sebanyak 19 buah bas di lapan laluan utama. Bilangan bas ini akan ditambah secara berperingkat-peringkat dan dijangka beroperasi sepenuhnya menjelang akhir tahun 2010.

Maklumbalas yang diterima daripada pengguna berkenaan bas berhenti-henti yang bari beroperasi ini amat positif dan ianya mendapat sambutan yang begitu menggalakkan. Aspek jadual serta masa perjalanan yang konsisten, keselesaan serta keselamatan penumpang dan juga fizikan kenderaan yang amat memuaskan merupakan faktor utama yang menyumbang kepada kepuasan pengguna dan seterusnya kepada perkhidmatan pengangkutan awam di bandaraya Kuching.

Pengoperasian bas berhenti-henti ini diharapkan dapat memberi impak yang positif serta manfaat kepada seluruh masyarakat dan secara tidak langsung akan meningkatkan mutu perkhidmatan pengangkutan awam di bandaraya Kuching khasnya serta negeri Sarawak amnya.

Mr. President, Honorable Members For your information, under the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP), the Federal Government has allocated a total of RM19.67 million to finance public transportation system in Sarawak. However, this provision only to transportation by river projects are categorized as public transport.

Provisions for the development of public land transport system, particularly bus for each state are not available under the 9MP. Most public transport operators are private while the basic infrastructure such as bus terminals and bus stops built by local authorities (PBT).

To improve the quality of public transport services throughout the country, including Sarawak, the Government now sdang conduct several studies to identify sources of problems and the public transportation system in the country in addition to finding the best solution method. Among them is the Public Transport Master Plan Study for major cities in Malaysia and Sarawak Inland Waterway Transport Research System.

Mr. President, Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board (CVLB) Sarawak State has issued approval of 40 offer letter (STK) to companies Public City Link Bus Services and efforts to improve public transport services in Kuching city, particularly bus stop.

For a start, City Link Public Bus Services Sdn Bhd has started operaso with 9 units in the five bus routes around the city of Kuching and it was launched on August 16, 2009. Until now, the City Public Bus Link Bus Services Ltd which is operating 19 units of bus routes in eight major. Number of buses will be added in stages and is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2010.

Feedback received from users regarding the bus stop which is very positive operating bari and it received very encouraging. Aspect schedule and travel time consistency, convenience and safety of passengers and vehicles fizikan very satisfying is the main factor that contributes to consumer satisfaction and subsequent to public transport services in the city of Kuching.

Operating the bus stop is expected to provide a positive impact and benefit the whole community and indirectly will improve the quality of public transport services in the city especially Kuching and Sarawak in general.


We will not be able to follow all of the Q & A in Parliament that are related to public transport – but we hope that you will use the information contained in our posting on Public Transport in the 3rd Session of the 12th Parliament to keep track of the Q & A and share the information with us if you think that it is relevant.

Public Transport in the 3rd Session of the 12th Parliament (Update #15)

  • Dewan Negara – Updated with Order Paper and Hansard for 26-29 April!
  • Update: We have now shifted to the Dewan Negara (Senate)
  • Dewan Rakyat – Updated with the Order Paper and Hansard for 16, 18, 22-25, 29-30 March, and 1, 5-8, 12-15, 19-22 April (BM only)!

TRANSIT will follow the 3rd Session of the 12th Malaysian Parliament a bit more closely than other sessions because of the presence of numerous questions, motions & proposals related to public transport – and of course the tabling of the SPAD Bill which is expected to happen soon.

NOTE: If there is no entry for a particular date, then there were no questions related to public transport submitted for that date. Bills can be tabled for reading any day, while the motions continue throughout the 3rd session of Parliament.

29 April

6. PN-1231-L9324
Datuk Haji Rizuan bin Abd Hamid to ask the MINISTER OF TRANSPORT to state the way to reduce cars on the road which leads to traffic congestion if the Government still allows the use of cars that aged more than ten years. Why the Government did not adopt effective measures from developed countries like Singapore and Japan.

71. PN-1231-L9448
Puan Hajah Mumtaz binti Md. Nawi to ask the PRIME MINISTER to state :-

(a) whether the ministry plans to change the type of vehicle to be used as taxi based on tourists’ demand; and
(b) the number of taxis in Kuala Lumpur and Airport Limo which ownership have been transferred to the drivers after the completion of service terms based on agreement with the taxi company from 2000 until now.

28 April

26. PN-1231-L9548
Dato’ Zaitun binti Mat to ask the MINISTER OF TRANSPORT to state
the measures taken by the Government to provide public transport
system which can meet the people’s need and the steps taken to
encourage the people to use public transport.
28. PN-1231-L9787
Tuan Ramakrishnan a/l Suppiah to ask the PRIME MINISTER to
state the excuse for the increase in public transport fare such as that of
Rapid bus by 53%-400% since August 2009 after its monopoly of other
public transport service.

27 April

69. PN-1231-L9248
Dato’ Hajah Saripah Aminah binti Haji Syed Mohamed to ask the
PRIME MINISTER to state why complaints made through the SMS
system sent to CLVB are not given due attention. Whether the SMS
system is just a gimmick and why phone calls made to CVLB through
CVLB Hotline were answered by a voice machine.

26 April

22 April

21 April

20 April

19 April

The Road Transport Amendment Bill was presented in Parliament on 19 April by the Minister of Transport.

15 April

14. PR-1231-L36217
Puan Hajah Fuziah binti Salleh [ Kuantan ] minta MENTERI
menyatakan sama ada benarkah bahawa hanya 480
daripada lebih kurang 52,000 bas ekspres yang telah mematuhi piawaian
keselamatan penumpang seperti yang ditetapkan Kerajaan pada 2007
(Berita Harian, 13 Mei 2009) dan kenapakah tiada tindakan yang diambil
oleh pihak Kementerian.

Puan Hajah Fuziah binti Salleh [ Kuantan ] to ask the MINISTER OF
TRANSPORT to state whether it is true that only 480 express buses of
the approximately 52,000 are in compliance with the passenger safety
standard as set by the Government in 2007, (Berita Harian, 13th May
2009) and the reason for no action by the ministry.

18. PR-1231-L35858
Tuan Gobind Singh Deo [ Puchong ] minta PERDANA MENTERI
menyatakan sama ada pembinaan bandar-bandar baru seperti Putrajaya
dan Cyberjaya dibuat dengan rancangan untuk sistem pengangkutan
alternatif seperti LRT ataupun ‘underground rail services’ untuk
menangani masalah kesesakan jalan raya pada masa hadapan dan
sekiranya tidak kenapa dan langkah-langkah yang akan diambil untuk
mengatasi masalah trafik di situ pada masa hadapan.

Tuan Gobind Singh Deo [ Puchong ] to ask the PRIME MINISTER to
state whether the development of new cities such as Putrajaya and
Cyberjaya includes alternative transportation system namely L.R.T or
underground rail services to tackle the road congestion in the future
and if not, the reason, and the steps to be taken to solve the traffic
problem in these areas in the future.

14 April

13 April

7. PR-1231-L35651
Dato’ Mohd Nasir bin Ibrahim Fikri [ Kuala Nerus ] to ask the
PRIME MINISTER to state the number of express bus permits issued
for a period of five years and the number of express bus companies
facing court action following fatal accidents in the same period and the
effect of the action.

19. PR-1231-L35154
Tuan Teng Boon Soon [ Tebrau ] to ask the PRIME MINISTER to
state measures taken to improve the public transport services which is
apparent in almost every town and cities. Why the Government is still
reluctant to provide MRT service from Johor Bharu to Singapore.

12 April

13. PR-1231-L35788
Datuk Wira Ahmad bin Haji Hamzah [ Jasin ] to ask the MINISTER
OF TRANSPORT to state the form of coordination between
departments in enforcing the law so that heavy vehicles will not carry
more cargo than allowed.

[TRANSIT: This question was posted here because the new SPAD will be handing cargo transport as well as public transport]

61. PR-1231-L36421
Tuan Amran bin Ab Ghani [ Tanah Merah ] to ask the PRIME
MINISTER to state :-
(a) the number of taxi permits issued nationwide to
individuals who had been driving taxis for five years; and
(b) the consideration such as the number of years of driving
taxi to be imposed before approving the application of

The following bills were presented for 1st reading:

  1. Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department – Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat Bill 2010 [Purpose: To amend the existing laws related to public transport]
  2. Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department – Land Public Transport Bill 2010. [Purpose: To create the new Land Public Transport Commission]
  3. Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department – Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board (Amendment) Bill 2010. [Purpose: To shift the responsibility for Commercial Vehicles in Peninsular Malaysia to the new Public Land Transport Commission]
  4. Minister of Tourism -Tourism Vehicles Licensing (Amendment) Bill 2010. [Purpose: To shift the responsibility for Commercial Vehicles in Peninsular Malaysia to the new Public Land Transport Commission]
  5. Minister of Transport – Railway (Amendment) Bill 2010. [Purpose: To shift the responsibility for Railways in Peninsular Malaysia to the new Public Land Transport Commission]

The government intends that all these bills be sent through 1st and 2nd reading in this session of Parliament.

8 April 2010

8. PR-1231-L35502
Tuan Tan Kok Wai [ Cheras ] minta MENTERI PENGANGKUTAN
menyatakan bagaimanakah kedudukan projek penyambungan landasan
LRT yang meliputi kawasan dari Kota Damansara ke Sungai Long Cheras
dan juga kemajuan projek penyambungan LRT dari Ampang ke Kelana
Jaya dan Puchong.

7 April 2010

6 April 2010

35. PR-1231-L35356
Dato’ Ismail bin Kasim [ Arau ] to ask the MINISTER OF HOME
AFFAIRS to state the stern actions taken against traffic offenders
particularly those involving the public transport following the tragic
accidents obviously caused by the carelessness of the drivers

5 April 2010

1 April 2010

6. PR-1231-L35204
Tuan Chow Kon Yeow [ Tanjong ] to ask the PRIME MINISTER to state the action to enhance Penang as a transport hub and measures taken to improve the transport system of Penang under the NKRA.

19. PR-1231-L36647
Datuk Haji Baharum Bin Mohamed [ Sekijang ] to ask the MINISTER OF FEDERAL TERRITORIES AND URBAN WELLBEING to state whether by installing the CCTV around various places in Kuala Lumpur has resolved traffic problems and curb crimes.

63. PR-1231-L35625
Tuan John A/L Fernandez [ Seremban ] to ask the PRIME
to state whether the ministry intends to amend Section 51
(1) Commercial Vehicle Licensing Act 1987 (Act 334) which provides
for the seizure of vehicles from one month (30 days) to seven days

31 March 2010

  • Public Transport related items from 31 March 2010;
  • Hansard for 31 March 2010.

63. PR-1231-L36952
Dr. Tan Seng Giaw [ Kepong ] to ask the MINISTER OF FEDERAL TERRITORIES AND URBAN WELLBEING to state the number of companies for the collection of parking fees in the whole of Kuala Lumpur, the criteria for their appointment and the total parking fees collection every year. How are the rate, the time and the places for parking fees ascertained.

30 March 2010

30. PR-1231-L35822
Dato’ Seri Abdul Hadi bin Awang [ Marang ] to ask the MINISTER OF HOME AFFAIRS state the number of fatal accidents involving public transport and the measures taken to tackle the issue.

29 March 2010

25 March 2010

For Question Time

16. PR-1231-L35199
Tuan Chow Kon Yeow [ Tanjong ] to ask the PRIME MINISTER to state following the NCIA (Northern Corridor Implementation Agency) action to implement water taxi system, the progress so far.

42. PR-1231-L36397 Puan Siti Zailah binti Mohd. Yusoff [ Rantau Panjang ] to ask the MINISTER OF HOME AFFAIRS to state [the] concerted effort by CVLB, RTD and the police in tackling the issue of heavy vehicles and buses driven exceeding the speed limit which causes accidents and the effectiveness of these agencies.

55. PR-1231-L35627
Dato’ Dr. Zainal Abidin bin Ahmad [ Hulu Selangor ]
to ask the MINISTER OF TRANSPORT to state as the express buses accidents are getting more frequent and fatal, when the drivers’ profiling system will be implemented and if not, why.

60. PR-1231-L36851
Tuan Sim Tong Him [ Kota Melaka ]
to ask the PRIME MINISTER to state :

-since January 2009,

  • the number of new taxi permit issued to the people of Melaka according to race; and
  • according to the study carried out by the Ministry, the estimated shortage of taxi service according to district in Melaka.

24 March 2010

For Question Time:

59. PR-1231-L35328
Datuk Md.Sirat bin Abu [ Bukit Katil ] to ask the PRIME MINISTER to state following express buses involved in accidents have killed many passengers due to the carelessness of the drivers, the measures taken by the CVLB to monitor or enhance the awareness of drivers of public service vehicles. The action taken to reduce bureaucratic red tape between the police, CVLB and RTD which seem to lack coordination in their action to reduce vehicular accidents involving public transportation.

23 March 2010

For Question Time:

8. PR-1231-L36925
Puan Teresa Kok Suh Sim [ Seputeh ] to ask the MINISTER OF TRANSPORT to state the price set by the Ministry for driving education course. The action taken to prevent corruption in driving examination and also driving institute which intentionally increasing the course fee.

18. PR-1231-L36336
Dr. Hiew King Cheu [ Kota Kinabalu ] to ask the MINISTER OF FEDERAL TERRITORIES AND URBAN WELLBEING to state the reason for the construction of the new Labuan Central Market and the new Bus and Taxi terminal stopped work for almost a year now, and when can this be completed.

22 March 2010

For Question Time

10. PR-1231-L36626

Tuan Mohd. Abdul Wahid bin Endut [ Kuala Terengganu ] to ask the MINISTER OF TRANSPORT to state whether the Government intends to extend train services to Terengganu in the future as an addition to the existing communication and transportation facilities to accelerate economic growth and enhance the transportation system in the state.

50. PR-1231-L36083
Tuan Lim Guan Eng [ Bagan ] to ask the MINISTER OF TRANSPORT to state the progress of Penang International Airport’s (PIA) RM250 million expansion project; whether it is on open tender, the contractor chosen, commencement and completion dates. Last year’s financial performance of PIA and other airports.

18 March 2010

For Question Time:

63. PR-1231-L36777
Tuan Chong Chieng Jen [ Bandar Kuching ] to ask the PRIME MINISTER to state the amount allocated by the Federal Government for the public transport system in Kuching particularly the public bus system. State the performance [Expected? Achieved?] of the newly operated public bus system.


As far as we know the only improvements to public transport in Kuching are new buses purchased by the Kuching South City Council. The proposed City Area Transit (CAT) system has not been implemented as there is no funding allocated. For more information about the response to this question, please click here.

16 March 2010

For Question Time

44. PR-1231-L36747
Dato’ Henry Sum Agong [ Lawas ] to ask the MINISTER OF
TRANSPORT to state whether there is a plan to provide an alternative mean of transport that is a train service from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah to Kuching, Sarawak.


We have heard that there is a long term plan to provide a rail link across Borneo, from Kota Kinabalu in Sabah to Kuching in Sarawak, passing through major towns such as Bander Seri Begawan (Brunei Darussalaam), Miri, Sandakan, and Sibu along the way.

46. PR-1231-L35757
Tuan Manogaran a/l Marimuthu [ Telok Intan ] to ask the MINISTER OF TRANSPORT to state of a recently built and almost completed road from Tanjung Malim to Teluk Intan. Whether the ministry can reinstate train services to Teluk Intan from Klang, Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur due to the increase in traffic from these places to Teluk Intan.


TRANSIT supports the call for the reinstatement of rail services between Teluk Intan and Ipoh (which was the site of the first rail line built in Malaysia) as well as improved rail links between Teluk Intan, Kuala Selangor and Klang.

We also support the KTMB bypass proposed to link Alor Gajah, Port Klang and Batu Gajah, which will divert freight trains from the Kuala Lumpur city centre.

For Motions

Datuk Dr. Marcus Mojigoh [ Putatan ] to move :-
” Bahawa Dewan ini mengambil maklum sejak akhir-akhir ini
kemalangan maut yang melibatkan pengangkutan awam terutama sekali bas pelancong dan penumpang kian berleluasa. Dan mengambil maklum bahawa apa jua kempen , program serta langkah pencegahan yang dibuat atau dijalankan oleh pihak Kerajaan serta agensi Kerajaan masih juga tidak memberikan kesan positif. Dan mengambil maklum bahawa, punca utama kemalangan ini berlaku adalah kecuaian manusia yakni pemandu yang sering kali memandu terlalu laju. Dan mengambil maklum bahawa, kemalangan seperti itu dapat dielakkan dengan memasang alat-alat pencegahan seperti berikut :-

(a) loceng penggera (alarm sistem) apabila mencapai had kelajuan maksima yang dibenarkan.
(b) penanda kelajuan (speedometer) dipasang di bahagian atas,
hadapan kenderaan di mana ianya dapat dilihat secara jelas
oleh para penumpang.
(c) pemasangan kamera litar (CCTV) dalam bas.

Ketiga-tiga langkah ini akan membolehkan para penumpang menegur atau mengingatkan si pemandu apabila beliau melepasi had kelajuan yang dibenarkan dan sekali gus dapat mengelakkan kemalangan daripada berlaku. Maka dengan ini Dewan hendaklah mengambil ketetapan untuk meminta Kerajaan untuk membuat dasar ataupun polisi supaya semua kenderaan pengangkutan awam dimestikan memasang sistem keselamatan ini.”
(Minister of Transport)


The member from Putatan has moved for the above improvements with the goal of improving the safety of the express buses. TRANSIT supports the call for improvements but we believe that more effort should be made in driver training and more attention should be given to the drivers & the way they are treated and paid.

38. PR-1231-U36992
Tuan Zulkifli bin Noordin [ Kulim Bandar Baru ] to move :-
“Bahawa Dewan ini mengambil ketetapan mencadangkan kepada
Menteri Pengangkutan supaya diadakan koc-koc dan gerabak-gerabak khas di perkhidmatan Keretapi Tanah Melayu (termasuk komuter, perkhidmatan antarabandar) dan Sistem Transit Aliran Ringan (STAR dan Putra) bagi Wanita Sahaja; ini adalah untuk memberi pilihan kepada penumpang wanita membuat pilihan untuk menaiki koc dan gerabak khas untuk wanita sahaja termasuk bagi koc berkatil kerana banyak aduan diterima di mana penumpang wanita di perkhidmatan KTMB dan LRT mengadu mereka diraba, dicabul dan diganggu dengan gangguan seksual semasa menggunakan perkhidmatan ini terutama di waktu puncak. Oleh itu untuk keselesaan dan keselamatan penumpang wanita, Dewan mencadangkan kepada Kementerian
Pengangkutan supaya segera mengkaji dengan tujuan melaksanakan skim koc dan gerabak Khas Untuk Wanita Sahaja bagi perkhidmatan Keretapi Tanah Melayu (termasuk komuter, perkhidmatan antara bandar) dan Sistem Transit Aliran Ringan (STAR dan Putra).”
(Minister of Transport)


The Member for Kulim Bandar Baru has moved that the rail system in the Klang Valley introduce women-only carriages to improve the safety & comfort for female passengers.

TRANSIT recognizes that there arguments to be made for providing women-only carriages for the safety & comfort of female passengers. This is a practice in many countries including Mexico and Japan and has come as a result of two factors – marketing to a select group of passengers and creating an image of security.

However, TRANSIT does not support the concept of separate carriages for men and women as this is not appropriate.